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The new generation of the Longridge Duo System.

With eye catching burgundy colour anodized rail and two toned base, this beautiful and yet practical system encompasses everything you need to cut your mounts. Gain confidence with simple designs. Open up your creative flair and explore your imagination. The Autograph offers you a clean, crisp and precise cut to professional standards. A user friendly product; no previous experience required!

Autograph features include a gauge and rule to mark out accurately, stops and guides to make the cuts effectively, securing the mount while you work. Both straight and bevel cutters glide along the rail, supported by the SprintMat  and the base and cut with minimum effort. The system is designed to allow for left or right-handed use.

The Autograph is the most versatile and cost effective solution available today for anyone looking to raise his or her presentation skills.

Whats in the box?

Which system?

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See the review – “Professional Mount Cutting Made Easy”

Nb. For package deal: in order to comply with HMRC VAT Rules from 01/01/2015, ebooks will be sold electronically to UK customers only. Non UK customers will receive a paper copy of the ebook.

The Autograph is available in midi and plus size, for right or left handed use:

Autograph Midi £255.00
Autograph Midi Package
Midi System with 20pk SprintMats,
Mount Medley Manual eBook, Corner Gauge
Autograph Plus £310.00
Autograph Plus Package
Plus System with 20pk SprintMats,
Mount Medley Manual eBook, Corner Gauge